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Welcome to Miracle Makers International Film Festival


Since  2021 we have been serving Makers of all kinds all around the world. As we've grown, the more clear its become that Miracle Makers IFF is a sanctuary for Christian creative excellence. While we maintain the same general categories in years past, we have added more Christ-centered categories than ever before  to herald our  MMIFF as the  next premier global platform for faith-based and family-friendly content.  


Miracle Makers International Film Festival recognizes and passionately attends the desperate needs of a massive international market for Christ centered and uplifting entertainment. Our mission is to catalyze the creation of a new  Hollywood, transcending it's past pitfalls of abuse, corruption, and exclusivity. We champion values that inspire and glorify God, fostering a diverse community including filmmakers, writers, musicians, dancers, fine artists, content creators, and more.

Through a series of online events culminating with an in-person festival in Los Angeles, California, we offer Makers the opportunity to showcase their work, connect with industry professionals, and reach global audiences. We are committed to challenging industry monopolies and strive to break barriers to make the industry more accessible, especially to those who want to expound on and expand the currently limited landscape of faith-based entertainment.


Miracle Makers IFF goes beyond a traditional film fest. We believe that distribution is one of the greatest roadblocks to connecting the market with our Makers. Productions like "The Chosen" and "Sound of Freedom" are proving a breakthrough for faith-based content like we’ve never seen before due to new distribution methods providing unprecedented success. Our festival is committed to forging relationships with Makers and distributors to open the flood gates for Christian content to flow into the world. 


From top professionals to burgeoning talent, artists in the Faith-based market deserve to be nurtured at every level in every area of their careers. By facilitating support in networking, financial literacy, industry access, and spiritual enrichment, Miracle Makers IFF will realize our vision to empower creators to fulfill their divine calling and bless the world with their God-given talents. Join us today, submit your work, and become a Miracle Maker, as we ignite a revival in the industry, together.

If you have content that you want to share, apply in the link below. You'll be directed to Film Freeway, the world's leading platform for film festival submission.


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