Confirmed AOF / Miracle Makers Guests for 2021

Confired AOF Miracle Makers Guests 2021.

Miracle Makers presents
How To Win An Oscar with Academy Award Nominated

Producer Roger Harrison
Thurs. July 29, 2pm - Live

Miracle Makers International Film Festival is proud to present an Evening with Academy Award Nominated Producer Roger Harrison.  Join host, Erin Miracle for an evening of questions, answers, stories and more from a man who has been to the top of the cinematic mountain. 
Thursday, July 29, 2021  2-4pm - Galaxy Theaters - Las Vegas 

July 28 - 29 - 30, 2021

Screenings / Seminars/ Parties

July 30th & 31st
Award Shows / Red Carpets


     What do we offer to our submitters and accepted filmmakers and writers?

                Low Submission Fees
                FREE AOF MEGAFEST ALL ACCESS $750.00 BADGE for accepted

                Filmmakers, Writers &'Makers'
                CASH for Grand Prize Winner
                FREE AOF Megafest Magazine Subscription
                Live Screenings in the most Beautiful Theaters in Vegas

                Live Award Shows, Parties, Seminars and Events

                Incredible Access To Industry Insiders and Pros

To find out more about what we offer those who can and CANNOT attend in person click here...

       Miracle Makers International Film Festival is a brand new, brave, and determined (just like you) - series of events geared at showcasing film and media that make YOU 'believe.' We are young, fresh, and eager to find unique Makers who have been looked over in the past or have never really been given a chance. We will give your work a platform to be seen by other professionals and makers in your industry, screen and promote your art, and connect you to new resources through seminars and networking events hosted by some of the most successful people in this business.  

What Makes Us Different?

We Believe In YOU.

Many 'Makers' launch their careers through the networking and professional opportunities a major film festival can provide.  MMIFF offers the benefits of a more intimate festival experience where we work closely with each Maker, while providing you with all the perks of a larger festival via the partnership with the AOF MEGAFEST.

MMIFF gives you the chance to take your career to new heights that you may not believe possible. 

If you're looking to screen your film in Premium Theaters with great Audiences and Judges who understand you and the sacrifices you've made, then join us in Las Vegas with the 
AOF Megafest for our 2021 Season!

The Action on Film International Film Festival MEGAFEST has been serving Makers in this industry for nearly 20 seasons. You will have access to 15 different film festivals all going on at the same time, offering you what no other festival can. 


Our Categories include: short films, feature films, music videos, dance videos, screenwriting, stage plays, poetry, artwork, books, spoken word, written  word, teleplays, illustrations, animation, actor reels, director reels, cinematography reels music and lyrics, movie posters, comedy videos, content creation, LGBTQIA films, female filmmakers, faith based films, Covid related films and more.

We offer incredible discounts for Students and First Time Filmmakers

Prizes include Cash for Top Script and Top Film Short/Feature

Custome MMIFF Trophies & Awards
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