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Nominations 2021

Short Short and Short Nominations

Short Short -

            Extra Special – Luke Terrell

            Word on the Street – Sean Parker, Austin Hillebrecht

            Nice Guy – Mark Daniel Cade 

            Black Feather – William Anthony 

            Black Moon – Ryan Graff

            Unheard – Russell Agro


Short -

            Tristan – Justin Messina

            The Heist – Emil Minasyan

            Mickey Hardaway – Marcellus Cox

            The Weight of Perfection – Anabelle D. Munro and Leanne Melissa Bishop

            Prime of Your Life – Craig Tovey and Tara Erickson

            Black Eyes – MJ Palo and Andrew Arguello 


Documentary Short -

            Fight Like Mike – George Henry Butler Till

            Menari: An Indonesian Dance Legacy 

            Heartsounds – Alan Chriest

            Collective Consciousness – Cristina Benedetti


Dance Short -

            Youthful Faces – Michael C. Perry

            Collective Consciousness – Cristina Benedetti

            SALTO – Marc Philipp Gabriel

            Brief Candle, Walking Shadow – Jeremy S Cline 


Best Choreography – 

            Lane Napper - Youthful Faces 

            Jeremy S Cline - Brief Candle, Walking Shadow 


Music Videos -

            Sandsculpting – George Henry Butler Till

            ShookiZ – Fears After Years

            TangoX (with a Sequel) – Alessandra Guarino

            Heartbreak – Jessica Gillette, Vincenzo Carubia

            Limo Tint – Jananee Rasiah, Abhilash Mathew


Covid Related Film 

            Unfiltered Through Their Eyes – Frank Fazzio

            Long Distance – Ashna Sharan 

            Goodnight Zoom – Colin Sprigg and London Sprigg

            Spiritual Battle Trilogy – Sarahí Lay Trigo

            Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body – Rodrigo Alfonso


Best Art Direction/Production Design Short Short -

            Zoe Kerr - Flicker 

            Austin Hillebrecht and Sean Parker - Word on the Street

            Russell Agro - Unheard 


Best Art Direction/ Production Design Short - 

            Mickey Hardaway – Karen Warren 

            Russell Agro – Unheard

            Suzette Troche Stapp – The Weight of Perfection

            Zane Barber – Seventh Wolf


Best Cinematography Short Short -

            George Henry Butler Till – Thunder and Lightning

            Tim McCombe – Black Moon

            Ace Anderson - Flicker

            Jace Daniel – Word on the Street

            SALTO – Marc Philipp Gabriel


Best Cinematography Short -

           Jamil Gooding - Mickey Hardaway 

           Senda Bonnet – The Weight of Perfection

           Sophie Caroline Gohr – Louise & Louise

           Andrew Arguello – Black Eyes

           Emil Minasyan – The Heist


Best Animation –

            Raoul Hunger – Brendan Crich

            Sandsculpting – George Henry Butler Till

            Dima Gafanovich – Fears After Years


Best Sound Design Short Short -

            #Glitch – objects – Kostiantyn Mishchenko 

            Jeff Colangelo - Flicker

            Peter Russell– Word on the Street 


 Best Sound Design Short -

            Mickey Hardaway – Gabriel D Freeman

            Marc Mellens – The Weight of Perfection

            Matthew Amadio – All Over Again

            Emil Minasyan – The Heist 


Best Editing Short Short -

            Alan Chriest – Heartsounds 

            Luke Terrell – Extra Special

            Vincenzo Carubia – Lunarcode: Cuttin’ the Cord


Best Editing Short -

            Jamil Gooding - Mickey Hardaway 

            Michael P. Mason – The Weight of Perfection 

            Kenneth Skouboelling – Louise & Louise


Best Gaffer Short Short -

            Thunder and Lightning – George Till 

            Jonah Gutierrez - Flicker

            Mondrian Hernandez – The Weight of Perfection


Best Gaffer Short -

            Mickey Hardaway – Tony Filipic 

            Mondrian Hernandez – The Weight of Perfection


Best Writer/s Short Short -

            Zachary Lee Ratchford – To Jonas

            Russell Agro & Victoria – Anne Tessa

            Maggie Werhane – On Stars

            Curtis Webster – Tell Me Something


Best Writer Short - 

            Justin Messina – Tristan 

            Zane Barber – Seventh Wolf

            Jasmine Joi – Mr. Good Guy

            Emil Minasyan – The Heist 

            Craig Tovey and Tara Erickson – Prime of Your Life


Best Score/Composer – 

            Matthew Amadio – All Over Again

            Jared Cruz - Mr. Good Guy  

            Emil Minasyan – The Heist


Best Costume Design – 

            John Davis - Seventh Wolf

            Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm- The Black League of Superheroes 

Best Experimental Film -

            Such Matters – Sophia Louisa Lee 

            Liquid Pool – Christoph Theiler, Renate Pittroff

            The Last Resort – Lance Lucero 


Best Male Action Star Short Short -

            Kevin Macauley – Resignation

            Jerry Otto – Black Feather

            Leo Giannopoulous – Tristan


Best Actor Short Short -

            Austin Hillebrecht – Word on the Street 

            Jordan Gayle – Unheard


Best Actor Short -

            Rashad Hunter - Mickey Hardaway 

            Zane Barber – Seventh Wolf

            Emil Minasyan – The Heist


Best Supporting Actor Short - 

            Mickey Hardaway – Stephen Cofield

            Blayne Weaver – Prime of Your Life  

            Nikolai Dalgaard – Louise & Louise 


Best Supporting Actor Short Short – 

            Curtis Webster – Tell Me Something

            Jerry Otto - Black Feather

            Lawrence Walther - Resignation


Best Actress Short Short -

            Fabienne Tournet – Black Moon

            Leanne Melissa Bishop – Tell Me Something

            Bear Campbell – Flicker


Best Actress Short -

            Dashantanaya Lee – Mr. Good Guy 

            Tanja Fleth Boenke – Louise & Louise

            Leanne Melissa Bishop – The Weight of Perfection 

            Isabel Chavez – Seventh Wolf


Best Supporting Actress Short Short -

            Olivia Colette Lee – Delores & Mashar

            Maureen Toth – Nice Guy 

            Devon Rawlings – Word on the Street


Best Supporting Actress Short -

            Anabelle Munro – The Weight of Perfection

            Julie Ann Earls – Tristan

Best Director Short Short -

            Luke Terrell – Extra Special

            Kevin Austra – Resignation

            Ryan Graff – Black Moon

            Zoe Kerr – Flicker

            Mark Daniel Cade – Nice Guy

            Sean Parker and Austin Hillebrecht – Word on the Street 


Best Director Shorts -

            Marcellus Cox - Mickey Hardaway

            Anabelle D. Munro and Leanne Melissa Bishop – The Weight of Perfection 

            Justin Messina – Tristin 

            Danny Thykaer – Louise & Louise 

            Jasmine Joi – Mr. Nice Guy

            Emil Minasyan – The Heist

            Craig Tovey – Prime of Your Life


Best Producer/s Short Short -

           Sean Parker and Austin Hillebrecht – Word on the Street 

           Mark Daniel Cade – Nice Guy

           Julian Malagon and Daniel Shafer – Black Moon


Best Producer/s  Short - 

            Mickey Hardaway - Marcellus Cox

            Justin Messina - Tristan

            Jennifer Oleff, Anabelle D. Munro, Leanne Melissa Bishop – The Weight of Perfection

            Craig Tovey and Tara Erickson – Prime of Your Life

            Joab Rodriguez – The Heist 

Best Pilot Short - Winner Selected TBA


Hero Award – Winner Selected TBA


Best Trailer - Winner Selected TBA

Best Spoken Word - Winner Selected TBA


Best Music and Lyrics – Winner Selected TBA


Best Vocal Performance - Winner Selected TBA


Best Student Filmmaker – Winner Selected TBA


Best Young Actress – Winner Selected TBA


Best Young Actor – Winner Selected TBA


Best Standout Performer - Winner Selected TBA


Best Female Action Star - Winner Selected TBA

Feature Nominations


            Letters to Daniel – Amy Leigh McCorkle

            When the Mist Clears – Cengiz Dervis

            Blood Hound – Nuhu Dalyop

            My King – Kenya Cagle

            A Father’s Fight – Tyler Sansom


Documentary Feature

            Rainbowland – William Ulrich

            My Promise to PJ – Daniel Baldwin

            Born Identity – Charles W. Bush

            Four Motherless Children – Ralph Isenberg, Joe De La Fuente

            Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence – Brent Jones


Best Actor  – 

            Danny Todd – Modern Day Disciples

            Abayomi Alvin – Blood Hound

            Christopher Clayton – My King

            Travis Hancock – A Father’s Fight

            Christian Howard – When the Mist Clears 

            Brandon Bell – Letters to Daniel 


Best Supporting Actor  –

            Ryan Hanner – Modern Day Disciples

            Brian McLaughlin – My King

            John French – A Father’s Fight 


Best Actress  – 

            Gena Miller – When the Mist Clears

            Danea Osseni – My King

            Candis Kennedy – Modern Day Disciples

            Sarah Cleveland – A Father’s Fight

            Virginia Beld – Letters to Daniel 

             Efe Irele - Blood Hound


Best Supporting Actress – 

            Lindsey Rawert – A Father’s Fight 

            Silvia Busuioc – When the Mist Clears 

            Belinda Effah - Blood Hound 


 Best Director  -

            Kenya Cagle – My King

            Danny Todd – Modern Day Disciples 

            Nuhu Dalyop – Blood Hound

            Tyler Sansom – A Father’s Fight

            Cengiz Dervis – When the Mist Clears

            Amy Leigh McCorkle – Letters to Daniel 


Best Cinematography –

            Brian Mclaughlin – My King 

            Ty Carter – A Father’s Fight 

            Johnny Carrano – When the Mist Clears


Best Editing – 

            Kenya Cagle and Brian Mclaughlin – My King

            Ty Carter, Evan Mitchum and Tyler Sansom – A Father’s Fight

            Jeff Halsey – When the Mist Clears 


Best Writer/s – 

            Danny Todd – Modern Day Disciples

            Olumide Balogun – Blood Hound

            Karen Rock – My King

            Cengiz Dervis – When the Mist Clears

            Amy Leigh McCorkle and Melissa Goodman – Letters to Daniel 


Best Producer/s – 

            Jamie Jones, Jason Gaines and Danny Todd – Modern Day Disciples

            Olumide Balogun – Blood Hound 

            Kenya Cagle, Brian Mclaughlin and Karen Rock – My King 

            Maria Bastianello, Silvia Busuioc and Cengiz Dervis – When the Mist Clears

            Melissa Dawn Goodman, Amy Leigh McCorkle and Aaron Allen – Letters to Daniel


Best Documentary Director –

            Brent Jones – Bobbi Jo: Under the Influence 

            Daniel Baldwin – My Promise to PJ

            Charles W. Bush – Born Identity 

            Robert Dennis Parham – The Hanged Man 

            Ralph Isenberg – Four Motherless Children 


Best Documentary Producer/s –

            Ellis Jennings Jr – Ejs Warriors the Documentary

            Adam Weitsman – My Promise to PJ

            Ralph Isenberg – Four Motherless Children

            Ron Van Clief – The Hanged Man

Best Web Series - Winner Selected TBA

Best Faith Based Feature - Winner Selected TBA


Written Word Nominations

Screenplay Shorts -

            No Harm – Maggie Werhane 

            Tree o’ mine – Bernhard Riedhammer

            Betrayal – Adam Clinton


Teleplays -

            Don’t Fear the Reaper – Erin Burchard (short)

            Letters to Daniel: The Series – Amy McCorkle and Melissa Goodman


Written Word, Poetry Collections -

            Dragon’s Breath – Dr. Dawn Menge and Judith Mashtalier

            Window Spit – Ala David Pritchard


Screenplay Features -

            Jefferson Street – Marcellus Cox

            The Regulars – Matthew Sandoval

            The Golden Warrior – Todd Johnson

            Book of Danger – Shyina Crayton

            The Guardian – Amy Leigh McCorkle 

            White Water Rescue – Harold L. Brown 

            Wrap Party – Sherene McLeary 

            Dancing in Place – Jeanne Dukes

            The Last Stage. Or Wyatt Earp’s Dying Dream 

            Gene Therapy – Lanny Smith

            Subtle Impact – Matt DeGennaro 


Faith Based Scripts -

            The Father’s Child – Jax Kearney

            Jeremy – Jonathan Turner Smith

            At the Mercy of Faith – Samuel Taylor

            Impervious – Lanny Smith 


Books -

            Queen Vernita Conquers the Volcanic Islands

            The Pebble Champion – a novel – Alan David Pritchard 

            In the Studio with Joyce Piven – Joyce Piven and Susan Applebaum


 Posters, Photography, Artwork -

            The Road Less Traveled – Shelly Russell

            Michael and the book of Psalms – Paul Gatto

            Holding Hands – Paul Gatto


Music and Lyrics -

            The Human in Me – Gleeson Rebello

            Do For You – Nattacha Delhomme

            The Shades of Grey – Olivia Colette Lee and Christopher Pappas


Screenplay Scenes – Winner Selected TBA


Stage Plays – Winner Selected TBA


Life-Time Achievement Award - Joyce Piven


Miracle Maker of the Year Award – Winner Selected TBA

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