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Go Further Faster With Expert Help From

Award Winning Filmmaker and Master Coach Shane Borza



As a Master Level Coach, with an expertise in Mental Health and Burnout, I excel at working with creatives. Let me help you remove your kryptonite, streamline your processes, and get your art out to the world. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual packages on offer.

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While classes, videos, and 1-1 instruction are great, diving into a subject via a good book is still one of the best ways to learn. All my books are digital download so you can read more about Filmmaking, Coaching, Wellness, and more right now!.

All my books are available on Amazon, Kindle, and Apple Books or Click HERE



Sometimes you just to be flexible, want to learn on your own, or have a challenging schedule and can't commit to regular meetings. On Demand/DIY courses might be the best way for you to excel. I have courses on Health, Wellness, Content, Creation, and more.

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Want to learn more about Filmmaking and Production? Join the quarterly Filmmakers Seminar! A 6hr one day event packed full of tips, tools, resources, and more. This event will set you up to make your first project, finish your current one, or make your next one faster and easier.

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