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Miracle Makers Interview with MARCUS NEL-JAMAL HAMM

What have you made?

Aside from The Black League of Superheroes, I've also produced the TV pilot for a Hip Hop themed Professional Wrestling league called Urban Empire Wrestling.

What are you making next?

We're currently in post-production for a feature film that I'm Associate Producer and Co-Writer of as well as the star along with co-star LaNease Adams who also serves as Executive Producer. The film is a Thriller/Drama called Heaven's Revenge, I Love you to Death that we plan to release end of Summer/Early Fall. I will also be shooting part 1 of The Black League of Superheroes saga Black Son of Krypton which is the origin story of the Superman character from the first film. An original version.

What do you believe in?

I believe in using our voices to make a difference. I believe we all are much more harmonious than we realize and that art is a language that brings us together.

What inspires you to make?

I've worked in front of the camera since 2000 as an actor and pro wrestler. Over the years I've studied, written, and worked beyond acting and at this stage of my career, I've learned that we can't afford to wait when it comes to doing projects that you're passionate about.

Who has mentored you?

May over the years, from a filmmaking perspective I've gained mentorship from David Massey, Matt Ogens, Jordan Roberts, Stefano Milla, Steven Alan Davis, and LaNease Adams.

How do you make what you make?

I collaborate with incredible people who are amazing at what they do. It's a very organic process that has an amazing way of coming together.

What creators and creations inspire you most?

So many to name, George Lucas, James Cameron, Bill Duke, John Singleton. and Jon Favreau.

What is your story?

I grew up in the DC Metro area in a predominately Black suburban area that was known as the Black Mecca, similar to the stories regarding Black Wall Street, Prince George's County Maryland is known to have the highest density of affluent African Americans in the country. I attended the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice but also entered the world of Professional Wrestling while in college training at Bonebrakers Academy and debuting with Maryland Championship Wrestling. A year after graduating I landed my first national televised role with Urban Wrestling Alliance playing one-half of the tag team champions The Black Legion. I landed my first TV series appearance on HBO's The Wire in season 5 and then appeared in the Ben Affleck political drama State of Play. From there I relocated to LA to continue my pursuits and have starred on stage, film, and TV ever since. Now with the release of The Black League of Superheroes, where I portray 5 different Superheroes, I am a multiple award-winning filmmaker including the Hero Award won by Miracle Makers IFF

What is your purpose?

My purpose is to inspire through my art and make sure that stories are told that reflect an urban renaissance, a new era of broad and expansive stories that portray people of color as more than the types of roles that have been historically common such as street thugs.

What miracles have you experienced in your life?

Every single day has been a miracle. The journey of my life is a story that would be too big to tell on film, and I know this to be true for us all, we are all a miracle.

What miracles do you want to perform?

I want to play a role in bringing the world together and ending racism

What do you need to make miracles happen?

The support of viewers, fellow industry colleagues, and groups such as yours who have taken the time to highlight and showcase our works.

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