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Miracle Maker of the Year Award

Fadi Awad

Music & Lyrics

I’ll Be Your Voice – Olivia Colette Lee


Pitching Movies 


Written Word/Poetry

Queen Vernita Visits the Land of Little Rain – Dawn Menge, Kent Duryee


Spoken Word/Poetry

Borderland – Seamus Mc Dermott



Cate and the Garden Bandits – Betsy Coffeen


Don’t Fear the Reaper – Erin Burchard


Stage Play

Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow – Harold L. Brown


Faith Based Script

Two Nights at the Pine Street Inn – John Haslip

Screenplay Feature

A Novel Approach – Christian Bredefeld

Covid Related Film

Back to the Heart – Nancy Paradis


Music Video

$KULL$ - Jeremy Steven Cline

Dance Short

Stray – Mackenzie Baumert, Jack Bianchi


Documentary Short

A Perfect Love – Kyle Saylors


Documentary Feature

Class: The Carla Perlo Story – Denaise Seals

Best Comedic Short Short

Bandwidth - Pat Battistini

Director Short Short

Nikki Hevesy – A Year to Life


Short Short

Ofelia – Fabiola Stevenson

Comedic Short 

Dude Days - Joe Fiorello


Actress Short

Shawn Woodward – The Dragonfly Tale


Actor Short

Zane Barber – Valhalla’s Forsaken

Director Short

Dale Griffiths Stamos – Entwined


Producer/s Short

Leigh Rachel Faith, Leanne Melissa Bishop, Costa Vassos, Ted Fujimoto, Michael Mason – In Search Of


Short Film 

The Dragon Fly Tale – Lorey Hayes

Supporting Actress Feature

Ellie Mae Louise Smith

Actress Feature

Sharayu Mahale – Footnotes 

Actor Feature

Chris Leary – Footnotes


Director Feature

Marcellus Cox – Mickey Hardaway


Producer Feature

Johnnie Ray Scroggins – Running the Bases


Director Faith Based Feature

Alexander G. Seyum - The Son Rises

Faith Based Feature

I Can


Miracle at Manchester

Miracle Makers Virtual Pitch Fest Award

Erin Burchard

Chris Miracle Millionaire Maker Awards

Miracle Makers Women in Film Award

Leigh Rachel Faith and Leanne Melissa Bishop

Miracle Makers Movie Maker Award

Pat Battistini


Hero Award

Marcus Neil-Jamel Hamm

Best Dressed 

Shane Borza and Joyce Yoo

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