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Miracle Makers Interview with Dawn Menge

What have you made?

I was honored with the written work for my children’s book, Dragon’s Breath.

What are you making next?

I have written and published several new books in the Queen Vernita’s educational adventure series this past year. Queen Vernita’s Magical Christmas Train Ride, Queen Vernita Sleeps by the Sandy fireside, and Queen Vernita visits the Land of Little Rain. I currently just finished researching my next book based in Wyoming. The title of this story will be, “Queen Vernita meets the wandering buffalo.”

What do you believe in?

I believe that we should all be kind to each other. That we all have a purpose in our lives and that we should always remember that everyone really is fighting their own battles. Whether the battle is internal or external, it still exists.

What inspires you to make?

My life experiences are my inspirations for my books. Dragon’s Breath was based on an experience I had with people who were not acting kind and hurting other people based on jealousy and anger. I wrote it as a healing mechanism for myself and a lesson for young children that they need to control their own emotions and it isn’t ok to hurt others or to lie.

What is your story?

I have been teaching students with severe cognitive delays for over twenty years. My story is filled with hope for others during hard times in their lives. My Queen Vernita’s adventures is filled with family togetherness, adventure, kindness and friendship. It was named after my grandmother Vernita and is based on my real adventures, family, friends and students.

What is your purpose?

My purpose is to enhance literacy around the world. My books are read in schools and libraries in Africa, and they are used in a school in Washington to teach literacy schools to families who have immigrated here from Somalia. The repetitious nature is excellent for ESL learners and learners who have learning disabilities. They are also fun to learn about different areas of the Queen’s kingdom like holding an alligator in New Orleans, snorkeling in the icy waters of Alaska, white water rafting in Acapulco, and Kayaking to the La Bufadora. They are Prek-6th + grade and children can grow up with the series. The Queen Vernita’s educational series was honored by the Conquering Disabilities with film festival with the Special Recognition champion Award at the AOF in Vegas.

What miracles have you experienced in your life?

As a teacher of students with severe cognitive delays I have witnessed many miracles. For some families it’s the progression of their premature baby growing and thriving. It’s a nonverbal child learning to speak, either through a device or uttering their first word. I have survived car accidents, stalkers and domestic violence. Every day is a miracle. Being able to share my story and help others feels like a miracle to me.

What miracles do you want to perform?

I think that Dragon’s Breath is already performing miracles. It is helping me to heal, have a voice and educate children around the world on learning kindness. Receiving the award at the awards ceremony in Vegas was a huge milestone in my author journey. I feel very honored that my voice and story were not only heard but valued by the Miracle Makers judges.

What do you need to make miracles happen?

You need to have faith and hope for the future. That spreading goodness and kindness into the world will always be the right thing to do. You must be able to work hard and have a lot of tenacity. You also must believe that your actions and words have meaning and that they will matter to other people. That within your own healing you are helping to heal someone else.

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