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Miracle Makers Interview with Shyina Crayton

What have you made?

The first feature I decided to collaborate with Inglewood Films is titled Algea: God of Pain. I have many shorts and feature films shelved and waiting to be picked up.

What are you making next?

My next project is titled Book of Danger which the concept came from Musa Aden of Inglewood Films.

What do you believe in?

I believe words cut more profound than a knife, and if you deliver your message in the right way, that is how creators get their message to their audience.

What inspires you to create?

I am inspired by actual life events that people consider taboo and are too afraid to speak about. My ideas come from dreams, news events, or a mere what-if concept that pops up in my head.

What creators and creations inspire you most?

I am inspired by Stephen King, Oprah Winfrey, John Singleton, Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Lena Waithe, Kenya Barris, Shonda Rhimes, and Tyler Perry.

The Creations they have made that caught my eye is Creepshow, Color Purple, Boys in the Hood, Higher Learning, Do the Right Thing, She’s Gotta Have It, Malcolm X, Reservoir Dogs, Django, Girls Trip, Black-ish, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Meet the Browns, Grey’s Anatomy and many more.

What is your story?

I am a Utah native who grew up confused about my culture due to the state I lived in, which led me to be bitter most of the time. After going to anger management classes, I learned to turn my bitterness and anger into journaling, which became writing short stories and then writing scripts. I started getting serious around twenty-three years of age and bought how-to books on how to write novels and then how to format screenplays. I was tired of self-teaching and went back to school to get my bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking and film production. Going from being a paralegal to a screenwriter seems to fit perfectly.

What is your purpose?

My purpose is to encourage others not to give up on what they believe in. Have patience and faith and never stop, and you will make it to the top. Everyone from your family to your friends will tell you it’s a one in a million chance. I stick to the saying that everyone has opinions, just like they have assholes. Let people speak their peace and move forward.

What miracles have you experienced in your life?

I have experienced many miracles, but the one blessing that sticks out is me still being alive after deadly complications from having my first child.

What miracles do you want to perform?

I want to give back to my community to help others live out their desires and dreams to be better people and inspire them to give back because that is what life is about. Connecting with like-minded people who see me and believe in what I am doing will mark this dark world; there shall be light.

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