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Stories that make you believe.

This is a place for creative freedom. At Miracle Makers, we support other creatives by giving them a safe and welcoming place to tell their story. Starting with this blog.

We welcome those who are paving their own path for success within the film industry. Newcomers, veterans, or the producer who is currently working on six projects while running on two hours of sleep; If you have the time to contribute to our page, we'd love to hear about your experience and give you the opportunity to share your most beloved advice with our readers.

On this page, we'll have weekly posts that consist of interviews, industry headlines, and the occasional "Movie Makers" where industry professionals discuss the movie that made them believe they too could become storytellers.

Why Miracle Makers?

As stated by our founder, Erin Miracle, we're a community of artists working to support one another. Everyone in Team Miracle Maker is an independent filmmaker working in the industry. Our team doesn't stop here as we love to welcome new and diverse creatives in order to expand our community and see our projects come to life. We're all about working together in order to see dreams become reality.

Believe in Yourself...

Because WE believe in YOU. Every maker has a moment in their life that makes this industry seem impossible. But is it? No! Unless you believe it's impossible. You get what you put into this life, and if you, like all of us at Miracle Makers are dreamers willing to put the work, passion, and dedication into yourself, then you're going to go far. There isn't a doubt about it.

"To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when no one else will"

- Sugar Ray Robinson

This is only the beginning! We have so much to offer and such a big year ahead of us here at Miracle Makers. We'd love to welcome you to our site because here we can make miracles happen, and so can YOU.

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